Wednesday, February 16, 2011

125 Years of Coca-Cola Secret Formula Revealed

“This American Life” website released the 125 years of Coca-Cola secret formula in their website. And it became popular international NEWS.  The American Company Coca-Cola was started in 1886 and it is now famous in more than 200 countries.  In every Coke bottle you can see the added contents but they print all original recipe.

But released this scanned copy of original formula.  In the year 1979 this same news already released in local NEWS paper at Georgia. But at that time Coca-Cola products are not popular. At that time people didn’t give importance to that NEWS.

Here are the secret formula images:

Download Coca-Cola Secret Formula:

In this image the letters are little hard to read. We have extracted and printed it clear in the following PDF file.  You can make your own coke by reading this recipe.

Download Coca-Cola Secret Formula - PDF File – Contains only the original recipe.


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